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moeify's Journal

We love tans
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For those who love Moe anthropomorphism
This is a club for those who love moe anthropomorphism.

What is moe anthropomorphism?

Moe anthropomorphism (萌え擬人化 moe gijinka?) is a form of anthropomorphism where moe qualities are given to non-human beings, objects, concepts, or phenomena. In addition to moe features, moe anthropomorphisms are also characterized by their accessories, which serve to emphasize their original forms before anthropomorphosis. The female character here, usually in a kind of cosplay, is drawn to represent an inanimate object or popular consumer product, since females often have curvier body lines than males. Part of the humor of this personification comes from the personality ascribed to the character (often satirical) and the sheer arbitrariness of identifying a variety of machines, objects, and even physical places as cute.

Many names of these girls end with -tan (たん), which is a child's mispronunciation of -chan (ちゃん), an informal, intimate, and diminutive honorific suffix for a person used for friends, family, and pets. In this case, the mispronunciation is used intentionally to achieve the contrived cute or charming effect that is commonly associated with its use by young children. -taken from wikipedia

It should also be stated that moe anthropomorphism or -tans can also be males as well.


Art- All drawings to the community must include a type of tan. Also, if you have found a picture of a tan and would like to post it to the community that is fine, just remember to credit the original artist or if you do don't know the original artist just discredit yourself.

-Sexual art is allowed but must include a warning in the post.
-Yaoi/Yuri art is allowed but must also include a warning in the post
-Shota/Loli art that portrays young characters in a sexual matter is not allowed. It may be art but it is also child pornography.

*Please remember to put all drawings under a LJ cut.

Icons- Promotion of icons are allowed as long as they include a type of tan.

Fanfictions- All fanfics must have at least one type of tan character in the story. Fanfictions should also be under LJ-cut and should have warnings for sexual nature, abuse, etc. Any stories that include young tan characters in a sexual matter is not allowed

Cosplay- Cosplay of tans are allowed. Nude cosplay of tans is not allowed.

Request- You are allowed to request pics of tans and info of tans.